Thursday, August 04, 2005

Last Tuesday's open Mic!

Had my 2nd BLACK PEARL POETRY open mic at The Brownstone On Main this pastTuesday night. Wow. This thing can be scary when you are in charge of everything.
The night only goes from 8-11 (more like 10:45) so when it is 8:30 and you got like, 4 people there?! Ouch.
Then an hour goes by and you've got 30. a few more minutes and boom-51 people was the final count!
And that is STILL not enough. i want the place packed to the gills each week with poets and people out for a great time in the name of poetry.

We had some really nice poets come out and share themselves on the mic. Andy, a regular at another open mic came out and did a great job. Everyone was eager for their shot to read and get the crowd worked up.
Attention to all men reading this-WE NEED YOU!
The nights are like 80% women and we are taking a browbeating, albeit a poetic one.
If ya got poems, c'mon out and share them.
ditto for the rappers and slam poets and performance artists and all those other neat categories we find it necessary to confine ourselves to.

Next week will be really special since we will have three features and our first "Vendor Of the Week"!

Each week people can hit me up back channel and tell me what they sell, what business they run etc.
then if i think it is a good fit, they get to be "Vendor Of The Week". this gets them in the email I send out, a spot to sell their wares, plugs that night, and a guarantee of being the only person allowed to sell that night! (aside from poets slinging merch from their backpack of course). and they get in free along with 4 friends!

Well I got more to say but will do so in another post.
until that day,
ed mabrey