Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Next week

Black Pearl Poetry will have its' open mic.
A possible surprise feature and I hope to hae a new piece or two to throw out there.

Next Weds here in Columbus is the first day of school for kids. Why does this matter? Because their MOMS come out and support!
So for those moms who have slaved all day trying to get all those last minute supplies I am doing something for them.

The vendor next week is Kay Wiebell of WARMSPIRIT.
She sells incredible items for the bath, body, and the soul.
She will be in the house offering every woman a complimentary hand pampering.
I've had one of these and they feel great. (and I am still a man dammit!)
Plus if she gets backed up, I might help her and do some of hte hand pampering myself! (only if requested by the ladies though. I ain't trying to get shot over some pumice scrub and a hand that belongs to some womans crazy ass loverman)

Plus- for the first 20 women in the door- A FREE GIFT from WARMSPIRIT courtesy of Black Pearl Poetry and Kay Wiebell.

If you want to see what she will have to offer in advance, go to

Alot more to come!