Thursday, August 04, 2005

Why Ed, Why?

I have had a few people ask, "Why another Columbus venue?"
Well, let's see.
There are always some fly by night spots here in town. Someone checks out an open mic, thinks to themselves, 'hm, I could do this' and goes out and tries it.
Catch is, once they discover it is work, or there is no money in it, or they got a bad spot to do it in, or the two friends they got ain't enough to sustain a night, or this, or that,etc., they end up fading away.
Truth be told, there are only a handful of places to get poetry on a regular basis at this point. Each one has its' own unique flavor and characteristics as they all should. Feel free to hit and check them out (no hating allowed here. i will always support others no matter what.)

Now with the events at the Brownstone and what is happening now, I noticed that about 90% of these people had never done a poetry venue before! Ever. So not only was this open mic their first, but it would be the one that would determine how they look at poetry in a performed setting from this point forward. A little responsibility there.

I have seen firsthand the effects of bad venue owners, bad emcees, and how a 'scene' can implode. It is ugly and not a way to grow.

So now, here is a chance to take this new set of people and show them not only what poetry in Columbus looks like, but what poetry OUTSIDE of Columbus is like. There is a whole world of cats out there doing great work, and now these people can see what that looks like. And during this phase, those who care about there work will develop the required writing,editing, and performance skills to find the discipline which suits them best and work it. Those who come out to be entertained will be, and those who don't really care will eventually stick out like sore thumbs and erradicate themselves. (they always do).

From a physical perspective, the other spots in town couldn't hold the crowds that had been coming out, so that was a factor as well.

So here we are, new and old poets alike, trying to find a niche of our own to carve and hoping that we do it well enough to not just be noticed, but to be proud of our own accomplishments, our own poetry, our own community and lifestyle.

That which you covet is always obvious by that which you have or that which you seek to gain.