Sunday, April 02, 2006

Open Mic, Slam-March 28

A very nice night. The open mic list filled up quick and everyone was eager to share their work.
The rain had folks coming in a bit late but better late than never.
Now that the true 'slam season' has wrapped up for Black Pearl Poetry, it's time to look back at how it all went down and go thru everything with a fine toothed comb to figure out what stays and what goes for next season.

All that is left now is the last chance slam, and of course the Team Grand Slam, which promises to be a blast.

The folks whom frequent Black Pearl Poetry night have been kind, sweet, and very diligent in their efforts to do what they can to make night a rich and rewarding experience. I look forward to this growth as we push forward into the warm months and do our best to offer a safe haven for all those who are willing to put other things aside for one night a week and come chill out and enjoy some good poetry.