Thursday, January 26, 2006

January 31 recap

The night was incredible! Keep reading...


Over 20 people all wantd to get up and speak their piece with even more coming later and asking if they could still get on. Something must have been in the water because everyone really brought their 'a' game to the mic.

Had a BIG schedule conflict with the slam, but was able to work it out with the competitors who signed up. Congrats to all of them.

Blair was, well, Blair. Meaning he rocked the spot like I knew he would. I haven't seen e cat in a wile and when we usually do run into one another it is on the road with one of us doing a show somewhere. This ws the first time I was able to, for the most part, sit back and enjoy his show. He did not dissapoint one bit. His new work is great, his singing and guitar playing was lovely to hear and he even threw in some retired classics I had begged him to share with the crowd. Another incredible feature who raised the bar for the next one and opened the minds of the audience a bit more. THAT part I like alot.