Thursday, August 04, 2005

Things to Come...

People keep wanting to know what is coming up for Black Pearl Poetry.
Well, here are a few things I hope to install during this year:
SHESLAM- A womans only night (men can come but can't read. i will be looking for the ideal female host for this night as well. hint hint ladies)

SLAM-yes at some point we will have slams. to what extent and what level i have yet to decide.

FEATURES- I will be booking features from around the globe. (no exaggeration there folks)
In house poets (RE: local features) will happen to some extent. More than likely they will serve as opening acts for out of town features. (this will up the crowd that comes out to hear YOU, dear in- town- but- still- great- feature- to- be)

VIP CONTEST! (Very Important Pearl) this is happening starting next week! Special gifts and prizes to whoever has the biggest bartab! (keeping it real y'all. if no one eats and/or drinks, the night fades quicker than an American Idols popularity)

Musical Guest!- We will, now and forever, remain a night focused on POETRY! When that stops, I walk. period. But I will from time to time ask for Friends to stop by and hang out while providing a nice vibe. (Yes, i am asking my left hand man JRawls to come thru one night and spin between poets...ditto Krate Digga..and alot more cats!)
this just gives you music while you wait for the night to start, music between poets, and music to escort you out the door once the night is done.

VENDORS and MERCH TABLES!- Each week a vendor will set up shop and offer their wares. (vendors hit me up directly-not here-to be considered). also poets can sell their own stuff OR kick it to the door person and they will keep track for you! (the fee for that is currently set at 10% of your total sales-this goes to the sweet person selling your stuff for you-OR-a copy of whatever you are selling donated to the night for giveaways,etc.-OR-you can do it yourself. this can and might change-the fee part that is)

SPECIAL CONCERTS- I won't speak on this much but just kow that while some poets that come thru can be considered 'features', others, due to their popularity or style would gie a out and out concert! When these happen, they will still be on Tuesday nights. There will still be an open mic, albeit a short one. and VIP members will get a special rate for those events.

This is only a portion of things to come. there will also be workshops, and more!

Is 'excited caution' a proper term?