Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tuesday October 25-Black Pearl Poetry HALLOWEEN STYLE!

A truly interesting evening.
Had the first potential schedule conflict with the venue, but I had known about it in advance so I was able to tweak things out a bit.
Moet/Hennessey was having a 'customer appreciation night' of sorts. All this means is they were inviting people who owned or ran bars and restaurants or for whatever reason, sold a lot of their product out on this evening to sample their entire line for free and eat and take home little gifts and be merry and make sure to go back and sell more of our stuff.
They rented out the entire spot that night from 6-10.
My night normally starts at 8.
No worries, this was our Halloween night anyway so I bumped the time back (in advance so people would know) to the properly ghoulish time of 10-midnight.
Add to that my "treat" for everyone who came out-free admission that night, and you would think the night would be cool, right?
Wrong, of course.
The band wanted to play LONGER than what they were getting paid for (very rare), so I had to shut them down personally. Not as ugly as it sounds.
My kick ass bartender Phaedra was sending the partygoers upstairs or out the door. (she rocks)
I made announcements every other minute for about fifteen minutes to let people know what was going on and to let them know that they were more than welcome to stay but would have to keep it down.
This part actually went quite well.
**Side note- I had told my regulars that they should come out early and stick around. Why? Because I had an understanding with the space that anyone who came early for poetry was not to be turned away and told to return but was to be allowed to come to the party, meaning they got vip treatment and free food and gifts and drinks all damn night too. This would later lead to some funny moments since some of them got quite tanked...mixing belvedere, navan, and moet is not for the squeamish.***End Sidenote

So we kicked off the poetry. In spite of the momentary chaos and late start, I am proud and humbled to say we had over 50 people there just for the word...probably more.

Now here comes the 'trick' part of the night. You would think that issues would have arose from the party right? Someone get too drunk and refuse to leave or listen to the poets right? Maybe a small fight or scuffle? Someone pass out or throw up? Some of the regulars complain about the whole thing?
Nope, none of that.

You know where my only problem came from?
Abercrombie and Fitch. (or as I like to call them-Abs on zombies and a bitch)
Up on the 4th floor, Abercrombie was having a soiree for potential in models and mid level employees. Which meant there were about 15-20 white and black posing as white, perfectly built, androgynous little hermaphrodites with cute, scruffy hair, drunk to the hilt on apple martinis and cosmos, standing at the top of the stairs braying and wailing to the moon.

These little poster children came down from their party and decided to come downstairs and...TALK. Then when I welcomed them to the night but asked them to umm...shut the hell up, they left. Cool. No problem. But they decided to carry on the party at the TOP OF THE STAIRS.
Bad idea.
So now while it is fairly calm downstairs, I've got a small posse of drunk, lithe, blonde girls at the top of the stairs screaming about how they "don't give a shit about no stinkin' poetry"...well, that is, until I come up the stairs with a closed fist and a smile.
Suddenly and with no apparent reason as to why, they had the urge to take their party...elsewhere. Go figure.

Now to those people who came out at 8 and did not stay, I apologize. Please call the hotline or actually READ the emails I send out or check the blogspot here to know what is what at all times.

take care, and goodnight.