Sunday, October 02, 2005

Tuesday-October 4th Show

A few things about this coming Tuesday's show.

1) No features, no slam,no singers,no dj. Just OPEN MIC.

2) Consider it AUDIENCE APPRECIATION NIGHT! the upside to all the great things that have been going on has been some great shows. the down side? People only getting to read one poem on some nights due to everything else going on. So this week will be just open mic and will start earlier than normal so everyone can get on the mic and have their moment to shine, as they deserve to have.

3) Kay Wiebell from WARM SPIRIT will be our Vendor of the Week!

4) Music will be courtesy of 808 Productions.

5) Ladies night so ALL ladies get in Half Price.

6) The Black Pearl drink will be unleashed on an unsuspecting public. You've been warned.

7) The Black Pearl Poetry contest will officially open and applications will be available.

8) There will be giveaways and some other stuff.

9) If you are from out of town please tell me when you arrive so I can make sure you are well taken care of.

10) If you are getting the emails from my hotmail addy and would like to move over to the official Black Pearl Listserve, you can do so on this very blogspot! Just look to the right and see the icon button that offers you a chance to join Black Pearl Poetry. My goal is to have everyone moved over to it in time.