Monday, January 02, 2006

Dec. 27-Concert Aftermath

This is where I say I won't tell you much and then I spill my guts...normally.
But this time? I am sticking to my guns.
The show was incredible. Everyone involved came in with an open mind, a pleasant attitude, and a desire to truly put on a show that would (and will) go down as one of the best concerts to hit Columbus in 2005. With over 130 people in attendance and some major glitches in the night fixed now, this show was fun, enjoyable and enlightening.
My thanks to everyone who performed: Intellect and Tarae(?), Rese, Epidemic,Middle Child, SPIRIT, Talisha Holmes (and her amazing band and singers) and most of all alot of love to DJ BHB; without whom none of this would have been as great as it was.

If you missed it you missed a concert full of surprises and thrills and I am not exaggerating..we went from 9'ish till about 2 and brought in the New Year early.

Expect these to happen from time to time. You'll know as soon as I do. Promise.