Sunday, April 02, 2006

April 4- RECAP

Quite a night.
To those several people who came out early, thank you for your support and I hope it was all worth the wait.
For those who were a bit 'warm', the heat was off but set in the mid 70's, hence the nice tropical feel. But it wasn't stifling and is far better than the air being stuck on in December, trust me.

On to the show-
The open mic list was once again full of great people eager to share their work and it showed in the poems they delivered to the audience. A very nice night full of quality people reading quality poems. Just lovely.
A big shout out to the wonderful poets who came in from Cincy just for the show and drove back that same night! That's two weeks in a row that a different Cincy venue has packed up their poets and rolled into town just to share with us. The favor will be returned very soon guys and gals.
A big hello to all the ladies who came out and showed their love for their sorority! There was no bickering, hating, just love from one sorority to another. They even gave a quick class on the subtle variances between their "roll call" sound off. Can't wait for next weeks lesson.

The added drink specials were a blast and Phaedra was really moving. Upside to drink specials- people order more and feel love (in a 'oh i can get a redueced priced drink kind of way).
Downside- you got to work twice as hard for the same amount of cash, so a big shout out to Phaedra for moving like she was on rollerskates back there. If you are reading this and come out to the night, make sure to tip her well. She sure as hell deserves it.

The main event- Marc Bamuthi Joseph was alot of things last night; cool, quiet, professional, highly attentive, caring, supportive. Most of all though, he was just flat out amazing.
Alot of seasoned poets I know could learn alot from the way he carries himself, both while perofrming and while waiting his turn. He genuinely wanted to hear each poem from every poet and give them his undivided attention. Keep in mind the cat flew in from SanFrancisco and arrived in Columbus around 8pm last night, came straight to the spot, grabbed some water and a seat and then once it was his turn, morphed into this larger than life figure which spoke words that flew through the air, only to be matched by his own bodies movement through time and space.

He sold cd's and the staff of the King Arts Complex was on hand to sell discounted tickets for his one man show "When Words Become Flesh" which is being held this Saturday, April 8 at The King Arts Complex. There will be a special guest host and some other neat events going on as well. I strongly encourage you to check out his show.

For more on Marc check him at

Much love to everyone who came thru and made the night so nice. The mix of old and new patrons was great to see. Alot more on the horizon, believe me.


Black Pearl Poetry is proud to announce that we will be bringing you some of the best poets in the country bar none during this spring and summer season.
Here is just a sample of what is to come-
Sonya Renee- 2004 Individual National Poetry Slam Champion, 2005 LEAF Slam Champion.
Mike McGee- 2003 Individual National Poetry Slam Champion, 2006 Individual World Poetry Slam Champion
Thee Future- 2005 Way With Words Slam Finalist, 2005 Big Bang Poetry Slam Champion
Andrea Gibson, Rives, Roger Bonair Agard, Patricia Smith, and many many more are all coming to you via Black Pearl Poetry!