Sunday, April 02, 2006

Last Chance Slam Recap

What a fun night. The open mic filled up quick and the poets were eager to share some very nice work. In fact, some folks didn't get there in time to get on the list, so make sure to come out on time from now on so your words can be heard.

The last chance slam ended up going to a sudden death round for all the chips.
The crowd was great and hanging on every word.
Earlier in the night I had made a comment about the importance of judges and scores, etc. and then, in the last sudden death round, the difference between the top two poets was .1!!!
That's right- ONE TENTH OF ONE POINT was the difference between the poet who got to go to this Tuesday's Grand Slam and not.
All in all it was a nice night and has only helped to add suspense and tension to the events which will unfold this week.

That said, congrats to JG for a fantastic job and earning a slot in the Grand Slam!