Thursday, October 06, 2005

the concert and aftermath

I really don't know where to begin and this could be one of those reallllly long posts so I will try to just cover some big points, though not in order.

Ursula and Tim got here safe and sound. She and I talk from time to time and it was good to just shoot the breeze for a while. Tim is funny. Period. And crazy. But so am I.
Magic word to learn boys and girls-CONTRACT RIDER. Respect the rider! (and get those damn green M&M's out of my friggin bowl!)

I was in and out of the Brownstone more times on this day then I have been all year.
Here is the business end of things:
Set up
make sure money is there
check supplies
go get supplies you forgot
set up sound equipments
find out you need more wires and cords
go get more supplies
check sound and wires
go get talent
call hotel
call airline
call venue
call hotel
call people who said they would help you
hand up on them as they explain how they are busy
get call from people you can count on
smile for one second
set up more stuff
get more supplies
talk to venue
field over 80 calls in about one hour
make your home and cell phone voicemail the official 'hotline' number
call radio station
drop off tickets
pick up money
go to bank
do sound check
get talent some medicine
get more wires
get more equipment
more phone calls
more sound check
wait for mic
get mic
another sound check
get into hotel
go home
forget about ten other things
get out of shower and realize you have twenty minutes to get ready
still got three stops to make
stop answering phone
discover shit has hit the fan
adjust adjust adjust.

there ya go!