Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Grand Slam and more!

This went over very well, with a group of poets who have supported the night with regularity coming together and sharing some of their work with the crowd.
My thanks to all those who did what they had to do to be a part of this event.


DJ KRATE DIGGA...I don't know what to say about the cat. He just rocks. One of the few people who really did not get a chance to ever truly stop, Krate kept the music up and seemed to know just what to play at every turn. A true professional and I am lucky to have him on board with Black Pearl and as a friend. If you did not buy one of his awesome cd's, shame on you. Make sure you get one this coming Tuesday.


2005 LEAF Slam Champion, 2004 Individual National Poetry Slam Champion
SONYA RENEE ( came in and really rocked the house. Very sweet, kind, professional and just a good friend, Sonya walked in, said her hellos and proceded to really bring the house down with her poetry. A GREAT way to start off what would be a long and very tense night of slamming. If you did not get her cd, hit her webstie and get it there. Also send her big hugs from Columbus. This evening was her first and only time perofrming here, and it was great for that momentous occasion to happen at Black Pearl Poetry.


If you weren't there and would like a blow by blow description of everything that went down...don't expect that here. You had to (and should have) been there to experience it firsthand and nothing I will post here will make up for that. But I will give you the basics.

First off, let me say that a alam like this has never went down here before so it was a huge test of sorts for everyone involved, both audience and poets. The night started a little behind as far as teh poetry was concerned since there were 8 different positions that night filled by volunteers so that I would have no true hands on effect on the night. (though for the record the night was advertised as having a DJ start the night and we plugged opening the doors up early so that folks who came on time were rewarded with good seats, not poetry the moment they walked in the door.)

I am very glad to say the night ended on time (poetry wise) and the DJ did his thing for a while after that.

Now as for the slam, it was five round total, 7 poets competing. Two other poets had qualified to compete but one did not show up and the other, unfortunately, did not arrive before the draw.

The slam was started off by the sacrificial poet- Rose Smith, who did a great job. It was nice to have her back after recent surgeries. She had been in the house a few times prior but had just kind of chilled out in the back. Thanks, Rose.

With the layout of the slam, each score and round counted for alot and slip ups were costly. We added a random draw after every other round in a double blind fashion so things were as fair as a slam can get.

The order was as follows-

Round 1

Tiffani, Ursula, Rare, JG, Wali, Will, Edward

Round 2

Edward, Will, Wali, JG, Rare, Ursula, Tiffani

Scores were added together from both rounds and one poet was dropped. Order was drawn at random.

Round 3

Wali, Will, Edward, JG, Rare, Tiffani

Round 4

Tiffani, Rare, JG, Edward, Will, Wali

Scores were added together from both rounds and one poet was dropped. Order was drawn at random. (note- these two rounds were tight with .3 separating 3 of the poets in one round and .5 in another!)

Final round

Sudden death. top four scoring poets become the team.

Rare, Edward, JG, Tiffani, Will

And your 2006 Black Pearl Poetry National Slam Team is:


Make sure to congratulate them next time you see them. If you want to make next years team, you should start working now.

As in any and every slam, some crazy stuff happened. Judges flake out, people speak up, poets slip up, on and on. What speaks of the audiences character and poise as well as the poets and all staff that night is how everyone stepped up their game and involvement and really made it a special night. It was a very rich night, full of tension and surprise. I am glad to have been a part of it.

No, this is NOT about the VIP area, though that was alot of fun to watch and see people enjoy themselves, so yes we will have that section again.

This is for the VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE who made the night possible-
I thank you and love you all for your help. You stepped up and made the night possible and without you it would have not been possible.
Gifts and rewards are forthcoming.
and of course the best bartender- PHAEDRA