Sunday, November 06, 2005

LOGIC, Open Mic, a few twists and normalcy

Well this one was a nice but odd night.
When you run something in any venue you are apt to get those nights with a person or two that is a bit...loud.
But when you do this in a bar type setting you up the odds for it dramatically. Doesn't mean you can't control it, just mean it is more work to do so.
This was one of those nights.
The bar has officially become "the cut"..let me explain.
In ANY venue, you have a section that some people will gravitate towards. These people will either be your loud group or ....your loud group. They want to come out and partake but darnit, they want to have their own good old time as well.
In Larry's it is the bar area and the rear (actually the front) of the spot.
At Skambo's it used to be the balcony.
At Victorian's it is the pit. (the raised spot where the couches are)
On and on.
Well for my spot it has become the bar.
No problemo batman.
That issue gets fixed this week. In a very Stewie Griffin kind of way.
Now on another note, I must say this-
I have a slight acceptance level of joking between poet and audience. You want some level of banter and a few quips ain't bad.
I have a zero tolerance policy on audience members messing with or heckling any poet. Period. You don't like them or their work, go upstairs or just be quiet till they are done and don't clap.
If you just can't help yourself and must be ignorant, you will find your self magically getting the four dollars you spent to get in back in your pocket and suddenly realize you are outside and for some reason, can't get back in. Really. This ain't for the money and it would not be the first time someone has been asked or told to leave. Hopefully it won't come to that. I don't think it will.

Now on the flip side, if a poet, (yes you reading this as a poet-poet) decides to take it upon themselves to say something to the audience, whether it be a joke, a question, an invite, swearing, threatening, something crass, calling someone out, whatever-if a poet does that then in my opinion that poet is FAIR GAME. Meaning, you asked for it you got it.

Comedians rarely mess with the heckler, they are smart enough to know that to ignore them is to kill them. Let the bouncers, owners, emcee, whomever, do their job and you do yours.
But if that comedian decides to take matters into their own hands and fails at it? Ugh. I have seen a cat walk off his own set because the heckler tore him up verbally.
So, all of that is to say, don't ask or invite trouble and then be surprised when it comes a calling.

On to the show.
LOGIC was great. Just one of the nicest guys you oculd want to be around. Damn near sold out of product. I love that part. I look forward to what happens over the course of time with these poets here as they are introduced to so many different voices.
The open mic was cool. Alot of folks.

Learned some valuable things that night. There is no cure all, no quick fix, you must keep tweaking and fine tuning until you reach the right mix. And then you must tweak some more.
My tool box overfloweth.