Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The night and the Results

Another great night and an even greater crowd!
Almost a good 70 people in the house doing their thing!
Menya aka FreeSoul had her book release and it was a blast. she sold a good amount of books before the night even kicked in.

Since I jumped into this, the last slam before the grand slam, I replaced myself with not one but two hosts-FreeSoul and none other than my cool and crazy son-Jordan Mabrey.
(funny and scary sidenote-My son is ten and is taller than FreeSoul)

So the two of them did emcee duties together and it was fun to watch. The open mic went by with its usual fanfare, then we moved into the feature. FreeSoul did a nice job and sold a few books during our now regular "six minutes"...if you come out then you know what that means.

On to the slam. Since we just had one last week, this was a big bonus for some of the audience members. Everyone was doing their thing, albeit to me it seemed that cats were holding back a little. Or maybe they had hit the mic hard last week and just wanted to pullback a bit.

Nonetheless, a few time penalties were tossed about and each of them really hurt the poet involved. This made for a tight race and no one was a lock in in the final round. After the dust settled, here is how it went down:
1) R.A.R.E
2) Tiffani
3) Rose Smith
4) Ed Mabrey

This was, to me, quite fitting. Rare really had the crowd in her hand, Tiffani was testing out some new work (more than likely prepping for the grand slam) and Rose and I both had time penalties. (mine was the 4 minute variety)

So all in all a great night. Got a few business end things that need to be tweaked, of course that's every week, but I had a blast. Especially since I had my son there to hang out with and laugh at.

More things to come, like a new vendor, a new night, a new concert, and some other neat stuff.