Friday, May 12, 2006

Tuesday May 16-Open Mic, Soul Slam


Come on out and share your work at the night where YOU are the show!
No matter what your poem is about or what you think your skill level is, this is the place and the chance for you to shine.
I look forward to hearing your work.


Our last installment in the Soul Series, this Soul Slam should be great. No, it WILL be great!
With cash and prizes totaling over $50.00 you don't want to miss your shot at taking home some loot.
The rules?
Be prepared to read in two rounds.
Poems must be 3 minutes or less.
Poems will be judged on performance and content.
Poems cannot have obscene, foul,or profane language.
Poems do NOT have to deal strictly with a God, a religious belief, or a spiritual one.
No props of any kind.
You may sing during your poem, but you may not simply SING a SONG. You must actually have a poem to perform.
Poems DO NOT have to be memorized.

Poems need to be positive, uplifting, happy(in theme), celebratory, inspiring, or spiritual, or speak to the human nature of good will.

In other words, you could do a poem on how you love God, how your God loves you etc.
You could also just as easily do a poem on how you love cheese, video games, toy robots, your mom,etc.
You could do a "keep your chin up" type of poem.
An "Eye of the Tiger" type of poem.
etc. etc. etc.

So now that you know what the rules are, bring out your poems or write some new ones and come out and slam.