Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tuesday June 13 Show

First let me thank everyone who came out last week to the open mic or stopped by Max and Ermas Easton for a bite on Wednesday and helped the team out in the process.
We have been invited to do another one in the future but the next one will be quite a bit larger and alot more fun out there!

On to this Tuesday-


If we don't have YOU we don't have a show, so come on out and have a blast at the place you love to call home- Black Pearl Poetry! We are keeping the distractions and side events to a minimum this week which means the focus is on YOU-so be ready to rip it on the open mic!


This is one way of making sure you guys actually READ these things.
(in other words this was not in yesterdays email)
Your featured poet for tonight is none other than
Scott has been a member or a coach to every slam team to come out of Columbus, he has been on the finals stage at the National Poetry Slam, has competed at the Individual World Poetry Slam, released several cd's and books of poetry to critical acclaim,completed the only one man 24 hour poetry reading, is the only poet from Columbus to perform on NPR (multiple times I might add), has run the second longest poetry night here in town (only second to Larry's),runs the poetry for the Columbus Arts Festival, has won more slams than I can list here and on top of all that- he is the President of Poetry Slam Incorporated, which is the company that puts on the World and National level slams!
(didn't know Columbus was big like THAT now did you?)

This cat NEVER does local features so to have him coming in wil be a treat. Believe me when I say you have NEVER heard a poet like this one! Yes, he is just that good. In times past he has been a friend, a mentor, a role model, a fellow team member, but above all of that the cat is a bad ass poet. Miss tonight and you will regret it.


Apple Martini, Chocolate Martini, Passion Martini
all just $3.00
Bottle water
only $2.00
and there might be another special drink of the night for the ladies!


We will pass the hat for Team Black Pearl Poetry this Tuesday, and there will be a plate to make donations at the bar and door from now until their trip to the National Poetry Slam. Don't forget another great way to donate is to purchase a Black Pearl Poetry Membership or any merchandise from Team Black Pearl Poetry. Checks and credit cards accepted.


Have you joined the official Black Pearl Poetry Listserve? Hit that box over there that asks you to join.

Have you seen the official website?

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Make sure to keep in touch with us as we will be all over town and abroad and will post news and pics on our other sites.

but of course in usual fashion, you have got to come out to see what they are.

and congratulations to our winner of the raffle for a free hotel room at the Rust Belt Regional Poetry Slam- Bob Inkles!

See you this Tuesday at 8:00 sharp!