Monday, August 08, 2005

Going Going Gone

Well it is that time. Time to pack a bag. Time to forget my toothbrush and cologne. time to pack the wrong swimtrunks or forget my goggles.
Oh, and time to grab a few poems.
Yes, it is time to go and compete at the National Poetry Slam.
I am somewhat excited about this one since it is in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Kind of feels like going home.
Well, I was born in Cincy, Ohio and raised mostly back and forth between there and Dayton, Ohio.
But after the military I took a trip out there and what was originally a two week jaunt became a (at the time) permenant move. It was my 'becoming a man' phase and what a place to do it in.
For all the good that has come my way since living in Columbus, I would trade it all for the peace I had while living out there. Period. It is that much a home to me.

anywho, so I gotta get amped up for nats. I mean, I am ready for the most part but just not all warm and fuzzy about this one this year. I'm sure once I get there the emotions will come forth.

While you go to compete and to win, there are other reasons togo-
check out other peoples work you would otherwise never knew existed.
meet up with old friends.
meet and make new friends.
see someplace you might have never been.
expand your mind on various issues.
side events.

the last one is the best one. there are alot of things that cannot be appreciated in the broad view of poetry that is Nats. So the side events give you a chance to catch something you otherwise might have missed.
Hip-hop, erotic, prop-slam,nerd slam,group piece showcase, gay and lesbian reading, black reading (sorry i can't say african american-it makes me itch), slammasters slam,rookie open mic, and the Haiku Slam.

This last one is the BOMB. The crowds it draws are better than some of the slams and it is treated with such a wonderful blend of fun and respect that to me it mirrors how slams in general should be viewed and conducted-with a callous free firm hand.

I have won this one multiple times and hope i am fortunate enough to get my name called so i can try and defend the title.
On top of that I have been asked to do a Haiku showcase which should prove to be fun.
On top of that I found out that my haiku made it into someone's book! very flattering.

all that aside, i gotta work tonite till 3 am then catch my flight at 6 am and i haven't even done laundry yet, much less packed anything.

Oh, I gotta send out my email for this weeks open mic at the brownstone on tuesday. I am hoping the turnout for my guest emcee will be nice.
Got a few hits from cats wanting to come thru. Very nice. Some real top shelf type poets.
Trick in this town is to not just preach to the converted (tell your regulars what is going on).
You have to reach new markets. And that is exactly what I plan to do upon my return.