Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Feb 21 Recap

One incredible night.
Started off a little bit bad and a whole lotta surreal.(ask me and I will tell you. But for now let me say this-NEVER make reservations at a Knights Inn of any sort, especially the one on West Broad by I-70!)
So, anywho, after almost going to jail for almost strangling a hotel clerk who was treating the reservation like a scene from House of Sand and Fog, then tearing down a door at the venue since the key broke off in the lock and the sound system was on the other side of the door, the night began. Yeah!
Sometimes the night is just open mic, others, a feature, still others a slam. Lat night? All three.
No problem. Just cut down the number of people able to slam and read on the open mic list right? Sure! But you got to announce that and THEN put the list out for people to bum rush.
Me? I throw the list out, get things done, come back make the announcement, go away, come back, make another one, go away, come back to get the list...18 people signed up for just the open mic! Can't cancel them out, it is my fault-not theirs.
So we roll with it.

That said, the open mic was great and was followed by a explosive featured set by Taalam Acey! He really did not disappoint. the crowd ate it all up. Speaking of which, the place was packed to the gills! (as in people sitting on the floor in the vip section)
Then from the feature to the slam.
8 poets first round, 4 in the second round, only the top 3 get points.
(sidenote- I heard someone say the place "cleared out" due to the length of time and show, claiming that once Taalam was done folks up and left. Keep in mind about 50 or so people were there, just not the fire code breaking level we had earlier in that evening)

The slam was great and I will be posting the updates on it after she gets here next week. Who is this "she" of which I speak? Well none other than our feature for next week- Dasha Kelly!!!