Wednesday, September 21, 2005

This past Tuesday with Slam and Alex

One wonderful evening. Yes it was.
Just did a week full of gigs (Chicago-Madison-Milwaukee-Chicago-home). Got back about almost 5 o'clock on Tuesday and had to be at the spot by 7 to set up.
yeah, right.
Traffic, plus an apartment that has been closed up for a week, add a dash of upset stomach (no more McDonald's), and you've got a sure fire mix for running late.
Alex C, my feature,was already in town and hanging out downtown, taking in the city. I arrived at the venue about 7:35 and we open the doors ten minutes after that. Run Forrest!

Lucky for me I have a great two person staff that simply rocks! The cats at the 'Stone had someone set up the sound ahead of time for me. My incredible bartender Phaedra was on her game early-had things set up, had lit the candles, and my doorperson, Daniel, was bright eyes and bushy tailed to help get things ready to go.
In the end we were ready and wired just as if I had been there on time. Thanks to those guys for bailing me out. (word to the wise- always surround yourself with people better than you.)

It has come to be the norm that the night officially kicks off at 8:30 on the nose. I do the countdown and open up the night. this gives cats time to talk, meet and greet, sign up, get food and drink,etc..
That time will be bumped up to 8:15 from now on.
This still gives all you great people time before the show starts but will give you a little more show.

Now on to last night.
Did the open mic list-cut it off at ten people.
Had some really neat added attractions. One gentlemen who was partially, or perhaps mostly deaf, got up and did a very deep piece. Another gentlemen said he has been writing for about 30 years but never shared came out and read for his wife. Very cool.

From here we moved on to the feature. Anyone who wants to get at Alex-should! He was an excellent example of how a feature should act. He was on time. Hell, he was early. He was ready to go. Had plenty of merch. Walked around and worked the romo, spoke to people. Genuinely wanted to get to know folks and sat and had conversations. Listened to the other poets on the mic. Then got up and kicked his foot in his feature! Really turned the heads of the people in attendance and brought them around to his view of the world via his poetry. Book him or catch him on tour. Catch him at

Then the slam!
Ten poets. Two rounds this time. Cumulative. Dropped down to six poets for final round.
This was a surreal experiecne. Some very raw and fresh talent mixed with some polished cats and some people with more experience. None of the judges had seen a slam except one so that was great. They stuck to their guns and shot down anything they did not like. After all the screaming, wails, moans, and near suicide attempts, the dust settled, and there were four.

1st place- Tiffany Smith
2nd place- Dred I Am
3rd place- Demetrius
4th place-William

All in all a great night.

Another reason for the time being backed up to start even earlier?
Last night marked our second week going over the one hundred people in the freaking audience!
What are we doing next week Brain?
Same as every week Pinky; Try and take over the world!
(now of course nature states that next week only 2 people will show up and one of them will be me.)
but that's cool too.
Thank you and I love you to every single person who came out and made this Tuesday's show a huge success!

SIDENOTE- If you are coming in from out of town, please let me know! I not only want to acknowledge you, but I want to make sure your first stop thru is everything I can make it be for you. So hit me here or on my email please!

More to come but right now I got to get cleaned up, get some food, get Alex some food (he's staying with me till his next gig), and get ready for another slam tonite. No time to memorize the new work, but I will figure something out.

Talk to you soon gang.