Tuesday, January 17, 2006

comments and results from the night!

What a night!
Huge crowd, late start (boo the soundboy), but a very attentive crowd, alot of "virgins" hit the mic hard, some regulars upped their game a notch, and we all sang some songs....really.

Much love to Phaedra (whom wasn't feeling well but kicked butt) and Raelisha (I am positive I just spelled it wrong but she really hustled last night so I had to mention her)...ditto for the two young men who help set things up-my night staff is sweet. Wouldn't trade them for anything.

The slam.
as expected, the interest is growing in slam, or, I should say now that the "slamming to be on a team" slams are in full throttle, interest has grown. I am looking forward to hearing all the people I expect to make an appearance and do their thing in the coming months.

It was a hotly contested slam with two rounds, and only the top 5 people getting into the second round. Of those, only 3 placed.
They were:
1st place- Will
2nd place- Tiffani
3rd place- RARE

Big shout out to BRANES and YVETTE, both of whom really showed tremendous poise and rocked some damn fine poems.

If you think you got what it takes to slam, or just want to have some fun and find out then you know what you gotta do-come on out and give it a shot!