Monday, March 20, 2006

Open Mic, Slam, Special Guests

Well this Tuesday might have some snow on it but we will melt all that with some hot poetry!


Remember, YOU are the show, so come on out and let the world hear what you've been working on. No poems of your own but you still love poetry? No problem, bring your favorite book of poetry with you and share something from it with the crowd. A little Sandburg perhaps? More of the Neruda type? Paz? Henson? Cullen? Collins? Whatever it is, bring it with you and let us hear you bring those words to life once again.

But remember, the list is limited and once it is full, you go on standby. Why?



It's the 3rd Tuesday so you know what that means. SLAM! Got a handful of poems no longer than 3 minutes? Are they original? As in yours? As in written by YOU? Want to see how you'll fare in battle or maybe you would like a shot at making the 2006 Black Pearl Poetry National Poetry Slam Team?! Then come on out on time and sign up for the poetry slam. The list is limited and will fill up quickly, don't say you haven't been warned. This is one of three last chances to qualify for the Grand Slam in April. (keep in mind that some people who have acquired points to go to the slam might not make the cut if they don't have enough points, so things are getting tense)


Then there's no better place for you than Black Pearl Poetry Night!
Just check the prices we offer exclusively-

Apple Martinis $3.00
Cosmos $3.00
Black Pearl $3.00 (Amaretto DiSarrono and Coke)
Bottled Water $2.00
and expect two more drink specials this Tuesday that you've got to be there to find out about!

Of course for those who do not wish to partake in spirits, we have fruit drinks and soda.

And be sure to go in on some chicken wings and fries with the folks at your table!


Free Poetry Books, CD's for sale by local artists, giveaways, doorprizes, and more this week!

Black Pearl Memberships will be available-
8 week membership is only $20.00!

There is more going on this week but you've got to come out to see what it is.

Thanks to everyone who came out last week and made it such a success.