Monday, May 01, 2006

Tuesday May 2-recap

What is there to say?
The new ladies night is a success and was alot of fun.
Drink specials, new VIP rentals for women groups and organizations, parties, etc.
The open mic list filled up quick and forced some people to go on standby.
No luck, though. They will have to wait until next week to read.
Dj Krate Digga was his usual incredible self. It is hard to explain how good he is. You just gotta come on out and experience it for yourself.
Mike McGee was our feature, but more importantly, he is a friend, a great poet and an awesome man.
I enjoyed every moment he was here and we laughed and joked and he shared of himself like no one else can. In the end he left a better friend of mine than when he came in town and that, to me, says alot.
For his feature he did no less than over an HOUR worth of work. We split it into two sets and he did no less than get better as time moved on.
Just a great show, really good energy, and more laughs than should be legal.
If you missed this one, you should be kicking yourself by now.