Monday, May 22, 2006

This Tuesday's show


A pure blast. Everyone was energetic and ready to read, and with so many people signed up for the open mic list and therefore each person only getting a shot to read one poem, folks gave it their very best.
Much thanks to John for coming out after a seven year hiatus from the mic, and to Brother Is Said, for his incredible performance with Tone.
Also thanks to the wonderful people who drove down from Toledo, Dayton, and Cincy and all the new people who gave the regulars a run for their money!


So here it is. I picked out two people (Will Evans and Tiffani Smith of team Black Pearl Poetry) then two more folks (Tone and Elise) and had them slam- Battle of the Sexes style!
So it was the women vs. the men for fun and laughs. No prizes, no glory, no rules, no pressure.
These cats really brought their "a" game to the mic.
The winners were decided by audience applause, and it was so tight we had to test the noise level TWICE.
In the end, team "L" won out, but barely.
Congratulations Ladies.
Expect to see this bit of fun and silliness again soon.


Your local, regional, and national level slam team- Team Black Pearl Poetry-is having fundraiser to help with the costs of representing this fine town and its' residents at the summer slams they will attend. An approximate costs for these events is $3500.00 for the team.
How can you help? Glad you asked!

On June 7th, Black Pearl Poetry will hold an all day fundraiser at Max and Ermas at EASTON.
You have to have a flier in order to help
and can get those online or at Black Pearl Poetry Night and The Brownstone On Main.
Here's what you do-
Get a flier
Make copies for you and ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS, COWORKERS,ETC.
Go to Max and Ermas at EASTON on JUNE 7th
Eat, drink, and be merry (eat in orders or carryout is fine)
Give them the flier to attach to your ticket.
20% of your bill goes towards Team Black Pearl Poetry!

That's it.
Just give them the flier and eat like you normally would.

Also, Black Pearl Poetry will be around all day at Max and Ermas passing out gifts, free passes to events, Boondocks merchandise, movie tickets, and alot more!