Thursday, June 15, 2006

Heading out to slam for the belt

Well here it is. The teams first test so to speak. We will head out on the highway while most people are sleeping and not stop till we hit Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the 2006 Rust Belt Regional Poetry Slam.

This promises to be an historic and interesting journey for a few reasons.

1) this is the first slam team event from Black Pearl Poetry
2) this is my first trip to slam in a group setting since Nationals last August.
3) these cats have never seen anything like this.

One of the members (Tif) was on the squad I sent last year which won it all but that year was marred by low turnout of teams and some other things as well.

It's been two years since I did Rust Belt and then it was as player/coach and now I am doing that again. THAT feels strange. (like the old saying "the players may change but the game remains the same")

It has been refreshing to hear talk of slam and see it from the perspective of new minds and faces and voices. Reminds you why you do it to begin with.

This year is shaping up to be the biggest Rust Belt ever, due in no small part to the awesome Dasha Kelly of Milwaukee making it a great show! Bill Abbott would be, and probably is, very proud of how things have grown.

I plan on making a bid for Black Pearl Poetry to host the event here in Columbus in 2007. we have done it here a couple of times and each one was quite special, but now that I have a few years of know how under my belt, I feel we can put on an incredible show! Plus the central location of Columbus would increase interest of alot more teams from other areas.

Well I need to pack and pray. Not in that order.
Feel free to hit us up here and send some luck and well wishes!

If I can get around a computer I will be sure to give updates while we are there.

Let the Words Speak for Themselves