Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tuesday February 14-Valentine's Reading Special

Ok, where to begin with this one...
Had to manhandle some folks to get into the loft on time and get set up.
No problem till you drag chairs two at a time on a slow elevator, or worse,up a few flights of stairs.
But thanks to some help from key people, my lungs did not give out.
Drink special snafus aside (and all other business stuff for that matter) the night was a blast from start to finish.
From the highly eroticized to the downright bitter (as in wearing t-shirts cussing out valentines day and any lovers of it) the poetry was, as can be expected on holidays, all over the place.
About 20 people signed up then the list was cut. (take note people who come out late on regular nights, this could one day happen to you)
Add to this candy I had passed out (sugar high)
Plus everyone had to wear a "hello my name is" nametag (your name is out there)
Plus everyone getting some very silly elementary school level Valentine's Day cards to address to anyone in the room and drop off in a bag for them to get later that evening, and you've got a recipe for laughs and downright hilarious situations.
Of course people sent one to the person they came with/are involved with, but then you had the "I liked his/her poem so I will tell them" or "He/She is cute I think I will tell them" or "I might be a stalker and wnt yo ubut what is so bad about that" type thing was going on.

I had to give out massages to any lady who signed up for one. Yes, it was nice. No, it was not anything freaky or sexual(though I was told one woman had some funny looks on her face while I was taking care of her). Yes I used a good sanitizer between shoulders.
Hell, I even had repeat customers(more than likely since it was free). Matter of fact, one cat SENT his woman to sign up, and when I checked with him to make sure everything was ok he said, "Hell yeah. One less thing I gotta do for her when I get home. I had to work all day and buy dinner and bring her here for this. Least you can do is start the romance for me"
Had me cracking up. Not what I would've said, but had me laughing all the same.

In fact, some of the more 'romantic' aspects of the night might get added to our regular Ladies Night (which in case you did not know is the first Tuesday of each month)

In the end, the place was so packed we had to turn people away. (sorry guys and gals, the loft is real sleek but does not hold as many folks as downstairs-which is where we will be back to next Tuesday)

Well, thanks to all whom came out and made it a fun night. See you next week!

February 7 recap

The cold weather made for a slow start but as usual the place filled up nicely.
Another full list of poets doing their thing and aside from some sound snafus, a nice night. (gotta get another system)
People were eager to hear about Charlotte and wanted to know the next trip so they could prepare.
MixMaster Ice- of U.T.F.O fame came thru and showed some love.

The hip hop reading was great.
Basically, you could sign up and read a poem, or you could get up and read your favorite rap lyrics. And if you wanted to read one but did not know any off hand, I brought extras for people to try out.
It was both fun, nostalgic, and hilarious all at once.
For the first rap I did "Paul Revere" by the Beastie Boys. (they were just on Letterman last night after I rocked their piece-HA!)
One poet got up and did a little sample of LL Cool J's "I need love" but then moved on to her poem since she did not know all of it.
No worries! I just so happened to have HAD the entire rap with me and pulled it out to read after she was done.
Another gentleman did a crazy version of "Friends" by Whodini.
Another cat brought in an ancient copy of Rap Pages and read the Nas piece in the back of it.
there were more pieces done and I just cannot recall them all, but hip hop had a workout and alot of folks really enjoyed going down memory lane.

Next up for the theme readings- your favorite old school r&b song and rock song.

Black Pearl on the road

Tiffani Smith went to Charlotte, North Carolina to compete as the Columbus rep for the 2006 IPWS- Individual World Poetry Slam.
She did a tremendous job in what will no doubt go down as one of the best shows EVER. The competition was fierce and true, with, in my opinion, all four finalists deserving the win. Each poem/poet just took you a bit higher than the one prior.

I would like to take a moment to say 'thank you' to all those involved in the event, be they a competing poet, host, volunteer, PSI affiliate, and of course the great city of Charlotte which opened its' doors for us and showed the poets alot of love.

Above and beyond that, I must give a shout out to all the people from Columbus and Black Pearl Poetry who rolled down with us or sent us emails and phonecalls wishing us a safe trip and giving Tiffani alot of love.

That said, alot of you good people wanted to know about future trips, not only to support someone here who might be competing but just to go and check out what the rest of the world has to offer in the name of poetry. That's great!
I will be listing dates and events from not only around town but more importantly heading out of town to some really hot spots with poets eager to please and share some great work with you.

When the link comes up I will let you know, or just join the Black Pearl yahoogroup and you'll be the first to know.