Thursday, August 18, 2005

Your face in pictures?

Each week photos will be taken of the poets and crowd. A few lucky people will actually get posted HERE on the Black Pearl Poetry blog! Maybe it will be the bomb poem you shared. Maybe it will be how you got there on time and sat up front eagerly waiting for the words to drop. Who knows what it will take, but believe only a select few will get to see their mug in cyberspace. And one person will get to smile for the cameras with the host of Black Pearl Poetry-Ed Mabrey!

Last Tuesday's Black Pearl Poetry

Hey gang! Sorry it took so long for this but here goes.
This past Tuesday was a big hit!
Over 50 people in attendance! (the week before we had about 70!)
And what fun! Stil trying to ocnvince people to show up ON TIME, but they soon realize the error of their ways when all the good seats are full. Have moved the door opening time to 7:45pm and might bump it back to 7:30 in the future for special events.
I would like to thank all the people who came out on the Tuesday I was gone and made it the biggest week in the state!
Much love to Ishmael for covering host duties and to Sincere for holding down the door.
Thanks to Tessie for checking on the crowd and taking pics!

This past week our vendor of the week was Cinnamon and she seemed really pleased with the response she got so we will have her back soon!

The poetry was hot and cool all night long with Land-O starting the night right, followed by a back and forth of women then men reading. Way to go guys! My goal is to get as many men reading and coming out as we have women. Over 15 people read and half of them were guys! Sweet!

Once again music was courtesy of Krate Digga of the Soundchampz!

This week coming up features a few things:
1) our Vendor Of The Week: GINA BLAUROCK (jewelry)

2) our Feature Of The Week: KIM BRAZWELL! (Columbus Haiku Slam Champ, Top FIVE finish in 2004 National Poetry Slam, Author of a book of poetry and a new CD!)

3) Venue Appreciation Night: To support the scene overall, no matter how hard people can make that, I have offered a few deals to folks who are onthe scene-
-Gift Certificates
-Use your code word from going to OTHER VENUES and get 1/2 off your cover!

All this and more to come on this coming tuesday night!

Ed Mabrey